Us For All in 2006-2

Nós Por Todas em 2006-2

“Between 11 and 18 years old I was part of an evangelical Christian congregation and that was an issue, but I had to have that abortion for myself. Sorry, but I’m not going to think about God in that moment. It’s my decision, it’s my situation, it’s my life.”

She felt guilty for a while, because people around her referred to the procedure as killing a life. However, she soon realised that nobody gives any assistance when the child is born and that that hypocrisy is common in countries that are so Christian, like Brazil. 


Image taken in September 2017 for the third series of Us For All.

The third series of Us For All was possible thanks to the support of 62 backers through a crowdfunding campaign. If you still wish to contribute for the project, please visit

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